Tourist tax


ENTERS INTO FORCE MAY 21st, 2024 for Bookings made from the 2nd May 2024

In Albufeira, during the high season (from 1 April to 31 October), each tourist aged 13 years or over will have to pay two euros for each night's stay. The accommodation, be it local accommodation, a campsite, or a hotel, will be responsible for collecting this tax.

To collect the correct amount, the person who books the property has to provide the passport information to confirm date of births of each family member or group member who will be staying in the accommodation.

Portimão Tourist Tax


The Portimão Tourist Tax came into force on March 14, 2024, in accordance with the Regulation published in

Diário da República , being charged by tourist enterprises and local accommodation establishments to their

respective guests.

The Portimão Tourist Tax applies to all overnight stays from March 14th, and only reservations made after this date should be considered.

It is therefore clarified that reservations already received for dates after this rate comes into force should not be taken into account for the purposes of applying this rate.

The Tourist Tax will be applied to all guests staying overnight in:

• Hotel establishments (hotels, inns, apartment hotels);

• Tourist villages;

• Tourist apartments;

• Tourist complexes (resorts);

• Accommodation tourism developments;

• Tourism enterprises in rural areas;

• Camping and Caravan Parks;

• Local accommodation (house, apartment, accommodation establishments, including hostels).

The fee is charged per person/night in all tourist resorts and local accommodation establishments, up to a maximum of 7 consecutive nights per person/stay.

The fee applies to guests aged 13 or over, and is applied throughout the year in accordance with the stipulated values:

- €1 per night per person up to a maximum value of 7 consecutive nights/person, between 1 November and

March 31st – low season.

- €2 per night per person up to a maximum value of 7 consecutive nights/person, between April 1st and

October 31st - high season.

This fee does not apply to guests whose stay is motivated by medical treatment, and is extended to an

accompanying person, as long as proof of appointment/provision of medical services or equivalent document is presented; guests with a disability equal to or greater than 60%, as long as they present a document proving their condition; guests who are accommodated due to a declaration of social emergency or Civil Protection and also stays resulting from commercial offers or hobbies developed by the tourist enterprise or local accommodation establishment.